Tuesday, November 15, 2011


That Jesus is the one true light that can break through the darkness. Overwhelmed today that so many don't know this. Love this song, this video, and my God that shines His light so that we can SEE.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

We have a daughter.

One that has not appeared on this blog more than a handful of times in her 16 month life. I'm changing that.
Here is Miss Ellery Jane in some of her 16 month cuteness - straight from the best invention ever {the iphone}.

Experiencing In N Out for the first time...I told her to say "cheeeeeeeeese"

This girl is happiest in a swing. Pure delight!

Garage sale-ing in style with Mommy. People can't resist a cute baby bargainer.

Oh, a pumpkin! Hoot Hoot!

TuTu cute this Halloween as Elmo. Faye, a mom at Shelby's school, makes Ellery the CUTEST tutu's...including this adorable Elmo ensemble. It WAY exceeded my expectations and Ellery loved it so much that she kissed Elmo's face when she saw it.

Much more to come! Hope I still have a few faithful readers! :)

Holiday Happiness!

Speaking of holidays - I can't believe so MANY have passed since I last posted! So much has happened, and while I'd like to go back and add every single thing...that's probably unlikely. BUT, I can start from here and let's go ahead and call this one of my "early" new years resloutions. :) But I digress...

I love the Thanksgiving/Christmas season for SO many reasons...so many important reasons...
BUT. Ya'll. {this is clearly headed for the "eternally unimportant but holiday necessity" category} I love Christmas cards! Some of y'all know what I'm talkin' about {be honest!}. Getting all excited to see the colored envelopes in the mail each day and wondering who it's from and what they wore? Makes me excited just thinking about it! Ha - I know I'm not the only one out there! Really though - I love seeing each of our beautiful friends, their sentiments, and from many of them - their joy and thanksgiving and praise for the one true Savior and King, Jesus! So as I started the really-difficult-sometimes-so-overwhelming-that-you-almost-don't-send-one task of trying to pick a card this year, my jaw dropped at all the cute options. I mean, I am not usually trying to decide between one or two cards..I'm picky. Like have a friend design it for me because nothing works picky. Silly picky. But this year, the amazing Tiny Prints has come through with "best present on Christmas morning" success. I mean, look at this!

 And this!

Do not be surprsied if you see either one of these cards in your mailbox this holiday season. I can't get over the cuteness of both. The colors! The "chevronish" pattern! And the back of the cards? Printed as well. L.O.V.E. Run (or click super fast) over to see their amazing selection of Christmas cards! Thank you, Tiny Prints for proving that there are cards out there for the pickiest of clients! Now to just decide which awesome card I'll choose...I've ordered their cards for other occasions before and been very pleased so I can't wait to see how our Christmas cards turn out. But really, I'll let you all be the judge. :)

And because it's not even Thanksgiving yet....Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Christmas card hunting!