Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best friends times 2

Last Halloween, our good friends Sarah and Bret brought their son Maddox by for some trick or treating.  However, it ended up being much more of a "treat" for Sarah and I, as we both shared with each other that we were pregnant!  It was such a funny moment ~ I excitedly shared that I was pregnant and Sarah's immediate response was "me too"! What fun it was to find out we were both having little girls, due one week apart. In the end though, they were to be born much closer than that. Bret and Sarah took this picture of us the afternoon Ellery was born at about 3:00....Sarah was still pregnant.

When the nurse woke me up at about 5 the next morning {a mere 13 hours later}, she started asking me lots of "weird" questions.  The conversation went something like this:

Nurse: Do you know anyone here?
Me: Umm...you mean anyone that works here?? No, I don't think so.{Again, it's 5 AM}
Nurse: Do you know anyone in the hospital here?
Me: Hmmm.....Well, I have a few pregnant friends...I suppose one of them could be here.
Nurse: Have you gotten any phone calls?
Me: Oh yes, we've had lots of calls from friends and family.
Nurse: Please for the love ask me if your friend Sarah is here Let me get you your phone (it was out of my reach and had been for hours)
Me: Oh thank you, it's been out of my reach and I didn't want to wake Shelby up to get it.
Me again - now with phone: OH MY GOSH!  My friend Sarah is in labor and is headed to the hospital (except the text msg was from 5 hours ago). I wonder if she's had the baby yet?! She's probably in labor and delivery! (Trying to text as fast as I can.)
Nurse: {Cue "Hallelujah"!} No she's not, she's right next door. {big smile}
And, scene.

So to make a short story LONG {as I'm good at doing}, sweet Olivia Layne came soaring into this world a mere 12 hours after Ellery.  And then we spent the next 24 hours right next door to some of our best friends and their new bundle of joy. Sidenote: The sweet L&D nurses called down to postpartum when Sarah was in L&D and asked if a room next to the Timmermans was available (Bret and Sarah had mentioned their friends were here) and the sweet nurses saved the room next to us for them. See, I told you the nurses were great! ;) We visited, laughed hard, oohed and aahed over the girls, and shared dinner together {and then had the nurses to tell us to please be quiet - ha!} The girls even had their first sleeopver. :) What fun it was to share this experience together.  We love you guys, and your sweet kids!  Ellery and Olivia, BFFB.

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The Masons said...

Such a special time for both of your families! Keep those blog posts comin'! :)