Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lovin' a tan already

At Ellery's first Dr.'s visit {at 5 days old}, we discovered that her jaundice levels were high. We didn't notice her yellowish tint at home, but in the doctors office it was pretty noticeable.  The levels were high enough that she had to spend 24 hours in a lovely miniature tanning bed so to speak.  Cooks home health brought and picked up the bed to/from our house {sorry to disappoint - just in case any of you were thinking you could come and use it now}, and set it all up for us. She did better than I thought she would, but it was a rough night for mom and dad.  Other than to feed, Ellery had to lay only in her diaper, on her back on the bili blanket in the bed. Even when I was nursing, I had to leave the bili blanket on her back.  It was SO sad. I dreaded putting her back in there. Thankfully after this whole routine, her levels went down and she was cleared.  Here's our sweet little glow worm!
 She had to have on the little soft glasses at all times to protect her eyes...she was so good about wearing them even though I know they bothered her. Last cuddle before I had to put her in - Mommy was more sad at this point that she was.

 Our little glow worm. :) Couldn't wear anything but a diaper, glasses, hat, socks, and mits.
 Kiva protecting her sister.
 Last stretch in the bed before our Dr. Appt to have her levels checked again.

Cleared and looking so cute sporting my "non yellow tan".  One of my favorite outfits. :)

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